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Leading Pedestrian Intervals Treating the Decision to Implement as a Marginal Benefit-Cost Problem
Anuj Sharma, Edward Smaglik, Sirisha Kothuri, Oliver Smith, Peter Koonce, and Tingting Huang


Thermosulfuriphilus ammonigenes gen. nov., sp. nov., a Thermophilic, ChemolithoautotrOphic Bacterium Capable of Respiratory Ammonification of Nitrate with Elemental Sulfur
Galina B. Slobodkina, Anna-Louise Reysenbach, Tatyana V. Kolganova, Elizaveta A. Bronch-Osmolovskaya, and Alexander I. Slobodkin


Differential Use of Study Approaches by Students of Different Achievement Levels
Diane M. Bunce, Regis Komperda, Maria J. Schroeder, Debra K. Dillner, Shirley Lin, Melonie A. Teichert, and JudithAnn R. Hartman


Tenure-Track Opt-Outs: Leakages from the Academic Pipeline
Elizabeth Dreike Almer, Amelia A. Baldwin, Allison Jones-Farmer, Margaret Lightbody, and Louise E. Single


Memetic-Based Schedule Synthesis for Communication on Time-Triggered Embedded Systems
Heyuan Shi, Kun Tang, Chengbao Lio, Xiaoyu Song, Chao Hu, and Jiaguang Sun


Research & Strategic Partnerships: Quarterly Review, Volume 4, Issue 2
Portland State University. Research & Strategic Partnerships


Proximal Predictors of Alcohol Use Among Japanese College Students
Staci Wendt, Cynthia Mohr, Mo Wang, and Sarah Haverly

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