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Wapato Valley Archaeology Project Report #13; Cultural Resource Series Number 21

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Technical Report

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Excavations (Archaeology) -- Washington (State) -- Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, Historic preservation -- Washington (State) -- Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, Chinook Indians -- Antiquities, Ridgefield (Wash.) -- Antiquities


This report is one in a series on the archaeology of the Wapato Valley region of the Lower Columbia River. Most of the reports discuss aspects of the excavations and archaeology of two sites, the Meier site (35CO5) and Cathlapotle site (45CL1). Other related topics are also treated.

See Also: Preliminary Report and Catalogs: Archaeological Investigations at 45CL1 Cathlapotle (1991-1996) , Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Clark County, Washington (1999)

In November, 1998, five offsite backhoe trenches were excavated and described on Site Ridge south of Cathlapotle Town (45CL1). The results of this investigation indicate that Cathlapotle is located on the first of a series of scroll ridges formed during point bar formation in the Late Holocene. Site Ridge itself was created sometime before 670 years ago and initial village occupation probably followed shortly afterward. The two westernmost undated scroll ridges were formed during village occupation over the last 600 to 700 years.

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