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Lemurs -- Madagascar, Lemurs -- Ecology -- Madagascar, Lemurs -- Behavior


The article describes the authors field study from October 1993 to February 1995 in Madagascar, surveying coastal and riverine forests, villages, and watersheds, studying the ecology and behavior of Varecia varuegata rubra, the red ruffed lemur, and Lemur fulvus albifrons, the white fronted lemur.


Lemur News publishes manuscripts that deal largely or exclusively with lemurs and their habitats. The aims of Lemur News are: 1) to provide a forum for exchange of information about all aspects of lemur biology and conservation, and 2) to alert interested parties to particular threats to lemurs as they arise. Lemur News is distributed free of charge to all interested individuals and institutions. To the extent that donations are sufficient to meet production and distribution costs, the policy of free distribution will continue.

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