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Space suits -- Testing, Life support systems (Space environment) -- Design and construction, Pressure suits -- Testing


Pacific Spaceflight’s Mark II / III pressure garment (model Gagarin with one newly-built elbow segment on the left arm) was pressurized to evaluate the mobility allowed by the newly-installed convolute arm compared to the right arm’s older convolute elbow segment. Additionally a new helmet hold-down cable system was tested, as well as the C02 scrubbing system and heart rate, Sp02, suit’s exhausted gas C02 levels and a new communication system. At pressures of 2.3psi – 2.5psi the helmet hold-down cable came free of the new hardware (a sailboat’s one-way cleat system), raising the helmet ring explosively. This resulted from the hold-down cable coming free of the cleat cams due to changing geometry of the suit during inflation. All other tested elements worked well.


Pacific Spaceflight Research Brief #2015-1

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