Urban renewal -- Oregon -- Portland, Neighborhoods -- Oregon -- Portland, Gentrification -- Oregon -- Portland


I focus this inquiry on the impact that gentrification has had on black business and entrepreneurship in the Albina District of Portland, Oregon. The Albina district of provides a unique opportunity to measure the effects of gentrification on black business and business development because the area has historically been a residentially segregated black community and has seen dramatic changes due to gentrification in the past decade, including an influx of middle class, white residents. I conduct this examination by subdividing my inquiry into three main sections. First, I provide an outline of the background and evolution of the discourse around gentrification and segregation, both in a U.S. and Portland-specific context, and define the connection between gentrification and the larger area of inquiry focused on racial residential segregation. In the second section, I present an analysis of demographic and housing characteristics in four Inner Northeast Portland census tracts, using them as a proxy for measuring overall change within the historically black neighborhoods of Portland. In the third section, I outline findings from interviews conducted with local entrepreneurs and members of economic development organizations in order to give a localized perspective to the effects of gentrification in Inner Northeast Portland.



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