Opening Ceremony of the 2021 Archaeology Roadshow



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Our Opening Ceremony will begin with a welcome from Sam Robinson (Chinook Indian Nation), followed by an official launch of the Archaeology Roadshow website, including highlights of activities taking place over the month of June. We will also acknowledge the volunteers and many organizations and individuals whose financial support has made the 2021 event possible.

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Sam Robinson was born in South Bend, Washington, the home of his Ancestors. Sam is the third great Grandson of Thomas Huckswelt, a Lower Chinook headsman and signer of an Anson Dart Treaty at Tansey Point in 1851. Huckwelt’s wife, Sam’s third great Grandmother, was Cha’isht a high status Willapa Chinook woman. Sam graduated from LaCenter High School and days after graduating entered the U.S Army where he served four years.

Sam has served on Chinook Indian Nation Tribal Council continuously for the past 20 years and has been Vice Chairman for the past 8 years. Sam is a member of the Chinook Canoe Family, serves on the Chinook Education Committee, and the Natural Resource Committee. Sam served on several boards including the Native American Advisory Board for the U of W (Five Years) and is currently serving on the Friends of the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge board, the Confluence board, WSUV advisory board, and works with Clark College.

Sam worked with PSU during the Archaeological work done at Cathlapotle in the 1990s and helped in the construction of the Cathlapotle Plankhouse in the 2000s. Sam is an advocate for the Chinook Indian Nation and spreads the word about the struggles of the Chinook Indian Nation for the last 170 years to correct their federal status.


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Opening Ceremony of the 2021 Archaeology Roadshow