Salty Xi Jie Ng


Salty Xi Jie Ng


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Projects in this collection: bunion2bunion, Cafeteria Staff Exchange Program, Canton Grill Degustatory Research, The Inside Show, The Grandma Reporter, The City Seal of Portland

Salty Xi Jie Ng co-creates semi-fictional paradigms for the real and imagined lives of humans within the poetics of the intimate vernacular. Often playing with the aesthetics of social relations and structures, her interdisciplinary work is manifested from fantasy scores for the present and future that propose a collective re-imagining through humour, care, subversion, play, discomfort, a celebration of the eccentric, and a commitment to the deeply personal. Her practice dances across forms such as brief encounter, collaborative space, poem, conversation, meal, publication, film, performance.

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Winter 2-11-2021


publication, film, performance, work with elders

Salty Xi Jie Ng