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Zeph Fishlyn


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Projects in this collection: Those We Glimpse, The Artists' Emergency Response Cycle

Zeph Fishlyn (pronouns they/them) is a Canadian-American queer artist, educator and cultural organizer who works in the intersections of art and social movements. Zeph uses participatory public projects, drawing, story-telling, object-making, and installation to uplift everyday truths and nurture alternative narratives by questioning, dreaming, remixing, celebrating and demanding. Their most recent work explores play, embodiment, intimacy and open-ended questions as foundations for resilience, creative subterfuge, and action in the face of overwhelming circumstances. Zeph holds an MFA from the Art and Social Practice program of Portland State University.

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Winter 2-10-2021


cultural organizer, participatory art

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Those We Glimpse

The Artists' Emergency Response Cycle

Zeph Fishlyn