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Internet -- Moral and ethical aspects, Communication -- Social aspects, Social media -- Moral and ethical aspects, Information technology -- Moral and ethical aspects, Social media


As communication designers, our roles have changed greatly with the technological advancements of the Internet and social media. With these vastly changing roles are equal (and often problematic) demands on designers to act as ethical interventionists. In specific, designers are more and more frequently finding themselves in roles of arbitration and decision-making surrounding ethical concerns. Such decisions span everything from what is to be considered “allowable content” (breastfeeding, for example) to deciding how our devices respond to crisis (Miner, et al., 2016). I intend to present several case studies of designers placed in authority positions centered around ethics and new media, questioning what role designers play—if any and to what extent—in concepts of self-policing, other-policing, and how our output aligns with larger social and material contexts. By extension, how answers to these questions influence pedagogy and the discipline at large.


Originally presented at the 2017 College Art Association Conference in New York, NY.

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