Salty Xi Jie Ng

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Creation Date

Fall 10-1-2017


bunion2bunion is an artistic investigation into our relationships with our bodies, inheritance, beauty, ugliness, defect measurement and DIY self-healing. This multi-faceted exploration centers around the bunion, “a common deformity of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot” (Wikipedia), a common condition oftentimes associated with bewilderment, denial or helplessness.

It includes an aspiration to create the world’s largest archive of bunion images; a bunions tote bag with a publication on inheritance; casts of grandmas’ and a granddaughter’s bunioned feet; a panel discussion; an intriguing foray into the world of bunion fetish; a group attempt at the world’s most number of bunions in a single photo; a bunion awareness poster-making workshop; a bunion massage workshop to live calming sounds; a granddaughter and grandmother performance. bunion2bunion also strives to present an international history of the bunion in human civilisation, serving as resource center and amateur museum featuring paraphernalia such as a homemade Bunion Measuring Apparatus, splints and orthotics.

This inquiry is also a way to consider: who art audiences are; definitions of art; interactions between art and other fields (such as the medical); how art can influence the daily and vice versa.

Key Words

Body, Bunion, Ugliness, Defect, Performance, Archive, World record, Fetish