Leading Peak Performance: Lessons from the Wild Dogs of Africa

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Leadership -- Evaluation, Organizational effectiveness, Performance -- Psychological aspects, Self-directed work teams, Teams in the workplace -- Management


"Organizations continue to undergo rapid, intense change. And the revolution currently underway calls for more than broad participation by organizational members. A marked shift in leadership approach is required, a shift to pack leadership. The current models addressing leadership tend to focus on the energy and will of the head of the organization. True, strong leadership by the head of an organization is desired. But the demands of sweeping social, economic, and performance-cultural changes have moved the leadership focus throughout organizations." "This book outlines an effective leadership approach to create places of spirit and meaning. Using the wild dogs of Africa as a metaphor, a new and emerging leadership style is explored. Pack leaders take on the characteristics of a pack of wild dogs. Individual leaders of "wild dog"-type organizations have a strong sense of self-mastery coupled with humility. They seek enlivened spirits in the workplace, guiding the organization to a co-created vision. The authors also provide a collection of wild dog case studies at the end of some of the chapters to show how the concepts of pack leadership operate in a variety of organizational and team settings. Once readers understand the analogy and develop an appreciation for the traits of the wild dog, they will start seeing wild dogs everywhere!"--BOOK JACKET.


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