The Impact of Big Data Analytics on the Dynamics of Social Change

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Technological Forecasting and Social Change

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This issue on Big Data Analytics on the Dynamics of Social Change contains a collection of ten papers, spanning numerous active and emerging topic areas, covering research and practical experiences. Big data analytics is essential for the public and private sectors' better understanding of the social environment and the dynamics of social change. Transforming data into information and knowledge can help identify critical issues, define problems, and enable the development of solutions that benefit society. Possible roles for Big Data Analytics include providing the means for better understanding social change, assisting groups and organizations working for social change to advocate and facilitate public discussion and awareness of societal issues; describing and predicting important developments and humanitarian areas for research; developing more comprehensive and inclusive societal systems and solutions, and addressing data privacy and risks. The ten papers in this special issue cover multiple interests including big data models for smarter health care services; social and technological applications for big data analytics; using analytics to forecast social change; the service implications of big data analytics, as well as big data analytics and the mobile society. We appreciate the willingness of the authors to help in organizing this special issue. Last but not least, we hope that the readers enjoy this special issue and are properly introduced to the Big Data Analytics which is playing a critical role in the field of innovation by impacting strategy, tactics, and operations that affect society through these papers.


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