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Sustainable urban development, City planning -- Environmental aspects, Partnership, Cooperation, Cities and towns, Universities and colleges, Climatic changes


In this report, both occupant comfort perception-based data, collected via surveys, and building performance-based data, collected via sensors, are utilized to conduct a post-occupancy evaluation of Portland State University’s (PSU) new Karl Miller Center (KMC), formerly known as the School of Business Administration. The KMC was completed in September 2017 and is on track to earn LEED Platinum certification, primarily for the passive ventilation strategies incorporated into its design. The environmental factors studied in this report are air and concrete slab temperatures, CO2 levels, and airflow. The personal factors studied in this report are clothing levels (clo), gender identity, thermal comfort levels, and classroom preference. The performance-based data for the passively ventilated pavilion will be compared to that of the renovated side of the building which has an HVAC system. The perception-based survey data will be examined in order to identify trends between comfort levels within classrooms that are mechanically cooled and classrooms that are passively cooled.

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