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Minority teachers -- Training of -- Oregon, Oregon Educator Equity Advisory Group


While the Minority Teachers Act has long been in existance (since 1991), it has not been enforced. It aims to ensure that the population of teachers represents the diversity of students in Oregon’s public classrooms, but remains far below those target levels. Today in Oregon, 35.5% of students are of color, while only 8.3% of Oregon’s teachers are of color.

Over the last two years, the Oregon Educator Equity Advisory Group (OEEAG) has been generating data to understand this issue and to make recommendations to the legislature to improve the diversity of educators in Oregon’s schools. Part of this investigation resulted in the OEEAG becoming aware that a high number of educators were licensed in Oregon but not working as teachers in its schools. To better understand the dynamics that led to its mismatch, a survey of such educators was commissioned. In the fall of 2014, the study began and now in June of 2015, that survey’s results along with a small set of telephone interviews forms the basis of this report.

The results will be used to inform OEEAG’s recommendations for policy improvements, and with its efforts to align legislative supports for narrowing the divergence between the identity of teachers with their students.

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