Submissions from 2018


Control of Phase of Iron Oxide, Nathan D. Jansen

Submissions from 2016

Synthesis of Large-Scale 2-D MoS2 Atomic Layers by Hydrogen-Free and Promoter-Free Chemical Vapor Deposition, Hung Nguyen, Chih-Fang Huang, Weijun Luo, Guangrui (Maggie) Xia, Zhiqiang Chen, Zhiqiang Li, Christopher Raymond, David Doyle, and Feng Zhao

Submissions from 2009


Metamaterial Devices for the Terahertz Band, Gabriel Paul Kniffin

Submissions from 2008


Nano Quasicrystal Formation and Local Atomic Structure in Zr––Pd and Zr––Pt Binary Metallic Glasses, Junji Saida, Takashi Sanada, Shigeo Sato, Muneyuki Imafuku, Chunfei Li, and Akihisa Inoue