Submissions from 2021

Data From: The Influence of Channel Deepening on Tides, River Discharge Effects, and Storm Surge, Stefan A. Talke, Ramin Familkhalili, and David A. Jay

Submissions from 2020

Data From: Present and Future Flood Hazard in the Lower Columbia River Estuary: Changing Flood Hazards in the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Area, Lumas Helaire, Stefan A. Talke, Heejun Chang, and David A. Jay

Data From: Sea Level, Tidal, and River Flow Trends in the Lower Columbia River Estuary, 1853-Present, Stefan A. Talke, Andrew Mahedy, David A. Jay, Patrick Lau, Conrad Hilley, and Austin Hudson

Submissions from 2019

Data From: Historical Changes in Lower Columbia River and Estuary Floods: A Numerical Study, Lumas Helaire, David A. Jay, Stefan A. Talke, and Andrew Mahedy

SPR-821: Develop New Methods to use ODOT Weigh-in-Motion Data for Predicting Freight Flow and/or Commodity Patterns, Avinash Unnikrishnan, Miguel Figliozzi, Jason C. Anderson, Salvador Hernandez, Oregon. Department of Transportation. Research Section, and United States. Federal Highway Administration