Data From: The Influence of Channel Deepening on Tides, River Discharge Effects, and Storm Surge

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Storm surges -- Mathematical models, Storm surges -- Effect of channel deepening on, Tides


The study compares historical and modern tidal records in the Saint Johns River Estuary, and finds that tidal range has more than doubled near Jacksonville, Florida between the 1890s and today. Subsequently, numerical modeling based on historical and modern bathymetry is used to investigate hurricane Irma. Simulation results show that storm surge has also increased, for the same reasons as tides: increased channel depth, shortening of the shipping channel, and reduced friction. However, river flow effects have decreased, due to more efficient drainage of river water. As a result, hurricane Irma is modeled to be larger on historical bathymetry, compared to modern depths. The results show that the changed hydrodynamics make the region around Jacksonville more exposed to marine-based flooding, but less susceptible to river floods. Other regions with similar tides that have undergone significant channel deepening in the past may be similarly sensitive to anthropogenic changes to bathymetry.


The data supports a manuscript: Talke, S. A., Familkhalili, R., & Jay, D. A. (2021). The influence of channel deepening on tides, river discharge effects, and storm surge. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, e2020JC016328. https://doi.org/10.1029/2020JC016328

The author's manuscript version of the article is available in PDXScholar: https://archives.pdx.edu/ds/psu/35311

Data Description
The data are asci text files showing the times and heights of tidal water levels at two locations along the Saint Johns River, Florida. Metadata associated with each record is included in the header of each file. The data were digitized from archival records of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, as described in the article.

Mayport_Florida_Hourly_1895to1897.txt : The file includes 3 years of historical tidal measurements from Mayport, Florida, from 1895 to 1897. Metadata including datum and lat/lon are included in the header.

Longbranch_Jacksonville_Florida_HighLow_1929to1935.txt : The file includes the measured times and heights of high and low years from 1929 to 1935 from the Longbranch suburb of Jacksonville, Florida. Recording gaps occurred between Aug-Dec 1933 and Feb. –Nov. of 1934. Metadata including datum and lat/lon are included in the header.

1898 Saint Johns River Bathy.txt: Bathymetry data from 1898 obtained from NOAA chart 454A-12–1899, digitized using Arc-GIS and put into NAD-83 coordinates.


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