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Express highways -- Oregon -- Portland, Electronic traffic controls -- Oregon -- Portland, Intelligent transportation systems, Traffic engineering


The characterization of the performance of freeways in real time and on a historical basis has been successfully achieved for many years. The ability to characterize arterial performance has been more elusive. Currently numerous applications of traffic management and traveler information systems include freeways but lack the ability to extend their operation to major arterials. This paper describes methods for quantifying arterial performance using data from signal system loop detectors. Included in the array of metrics are traffic density, total delay, predicted travel time, and signal coordination effectiveness. Methods for determining performance in these areas are adapted for use in quantitatively evaluating arterials in real-time. To assess them, methods are employed to analyze archived data for a segment of Barbur Blvd. in Portland, Oregon. Suggestions for future research are also included.


Presentation for ITE District 6 Annual Meeting, July 2007, Portland

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