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A new 3D hydrodynamic model was developed to simulate water quality transport in surface waterbodies. The governing equations are the continuity equation, free surface equation, momentum equation and transport equation. The 2D numerical scheme of CE-QUAL-W2 was expanded in three dimensions and modified to solve for the free surface elevation. A time splitting technique was employed to solve the momentum and transport equation. The numerical formulation of the 3D scheme used a novel solution, which resulted in a tri-diagonal matrix form for solving the free surface equation rather than a more computationally intensive penta-diagonal matrix solution. In addition, the hydrodynamic and water quality equations were solved at the same time step in order to allow feedback between water quality and hydrodynamics. The verification of the model hydrodynamics and temperature was performed by comparing the model predictions to known analytical solutions and field data from Lake Chaplain, Washington, USA. There was good agreement of the solution of the hydrodynamic equations to analytical solutions and field data.


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