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Urban freight transportation, City logistics


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drone last mile deliveries are receiving a lot of attention from startups and big companies like Google, Amazon, and UPS. Around the world there are already examples of successful small scale delivery operations utilizing drones. Despite all the hype and excitement around this topic, there is surprisingly little research done on understanding the capabilities and technical tradeoffs among drones that are currently available in the market. The goal of this paper is to survey currently available multicopter drones and analyze them in terms of their potential for last mile and last yard deliveries. Novel data and linear relationships among multicopter payload, take-off weight, and energy efficiency are presented. A novel contribution of this research is the discussion of tradeoffs among UAV logistical capabilities, sustainability, safety, and last yard delivery constraints.


Paper presented at the Proceedings 7th International Conference on Information Systems, Logistics and Supply Chain, ILS Conference 2018, July 8-11, Lyon, France.

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