A Novel Anchorage System For Strengthening Slender RC Columns With Externally Bonded CFRP Composite Sheets

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Construction and Building Materials

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Previous studies have shown that using externally bonded (EB) fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) is one of the most effective techniques for strengthening reinforced concrete (RC) structures. The current guidelines recommend using anchorage systems to prevent debonding failure. Strengthening RC columns for flexure, the use of an anchorage system is necessary to transfer the forces from the column to the foundation. In this study, three types of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) anchors were tested under pullout loading. The best of the three anchors, based on the results of pullout tests, was used in strengthening one RC column. Three half-scale specimens of RC columns were tested under a combination of constant axial and cyclic lateral load. As expected, the results showed that strengthening RC columns with lateral confinement only increased the ductility of the columns but did not have a major effect on the moment capacity or stiffness. However, the lateral stiffness, moment capacity, and ductility of the columns confined with CFRP and strengthened with longitudinal CFRP sheets anchored to the foundation using a proposed novel anchor exhibited significant improvements.


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