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Kelly J. Clifton

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Civil & Environmental Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering




Choice of transportation, Urban transportation




To ensure facility for multimodal transportation is one of the most important concerns in today's transportation sector, with initiatives being taken to make multimodal transportation popular. The built environment variables have a strong relationship with transportation mode choice, but whether that relationship holds true in urban and suburban neighborhoods in the same manner has not been considered. Using data for three non-residential land uses, this research explores whether the built environment variables in suburban areas influences mode share like it does in urban areas. We used survey data conducted at the establishments regarding respondents' travel characteristics from a previous study, as well as the built environment characteristics of the location around the establishments. Using mode choice and built environment data we ran multiple regression models with a dummy variable for suburban places. The results of our regression modeling showed the differing impacts of urban and suburban environments on the mode share. This could be an important consideration for future researchers in estimating travel behavior within different environments. Our study does not define the difference in the relationship but it shows that consideration regarding this matter should be taken into account. It would be vital for investigators to understand any unexpected travel behavior to an establishment in a suburban environment.



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A research project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

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