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William Fish

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Master of Science (M.S.) in Civil & Environmental Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Runoff -- Environmental aspects -- Oregon -- Portland, Runoff -- Purification -- Filtration, Runoff -- Management, Water quality




Stormwater runoff is the water generated from excess rainfall or snowmelt that flows over impervious surfaces such as paved roads, parking lots, and on roofs, it often carries a variety of pollutants that adversely affect water quality in that region. Portland is a well-developed city; the majority of the streets are paved and impervious and will consequently generate a tremendous amount of stormwater this creates the necessity for management to help preserve and mimic natural hydrologic cycle through improving water quality. The StormFilter® with ZPG media, manufactured by CONTECH, is a manufactured stormwater treatment technology(MSTT) in which zeolite, perlite, and granular activated carbon are used. The device has a current Routine Use Level Designation (GULD) for basic treatment from the Washington State Department of Ecology (WA DOE) under the Technology Assessment Protocol-Ecology (TAPE). Storm data from two different sites were used to evaluate the performance of The StormFilter-ZPG with respect to Portland’s pollution reduction requirements, as prescribed in the 2016 Stormwater Management Manual (SWMM). The results of the evaluation suggest approving the device for use in the City of Portland at the TAPE-approved flow rate of 1 gpm/ft².


A research project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering

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