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Christopher M. Monsere

Date of Award

Fall 2013

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Civil and Environmental Engineering




Traffic control devices, Traffic signs, Roads -- United States -- Safety measures, Bicycle lanes -- United States, Cyclists




The Manual of Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) includes a roadway marking and accompanying explanatory sign which may be installed on public roads to help guide cyclists position themselves over detection at actuated traffic signals. While adopted into the MUTCD in 2003, little research is available on the effectiveness of the marking and sign. This study evaluates the influence that the roadway marking, roadway marking installed in conjunction with the explanatory sign, and an alternative detector marking comprised of the MUTCD marking installed over a one foot by two feet green rectangle, have on cyclist queuing position at actuated, signalized intersections. Over 300 hours of before and after video data, resulting in 688 observations, indicate that while all three marking options influence cyclist stopping position, only 23.5% of cyclists wait over the MUTCD roadway marking when installed alone. This improves to 34.8% with the addition of the explanatory sign and 48.4% when the marking is applied over the green rectangle.

An accompanying survey of 227 cyclists indicates that 45.4% of cyclists understand the roadway marking is meant to show where cyclist should wait in order to be detected. An additional 11.5% understand that the marking indicates the recommended waiting location for cyclist but not that it is for the purpose of detection. Survey respondents who said they preferred to wait closer to the curb (a position which usually prevents them from being over detection) stated that they chose to do so primarily for concerns about safety/visibility and to stay out of the way of motorized vehicle traffic.


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A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Science with Departmental Honors in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

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