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Discharge of ballast water -- Management -- Oregon, Aquatic pests -- Control -- Oregon, Nonindigenous pests -- Control -- Oregon


This report was generated at the request of the Oregon Ballast Water Task Force to address the issue of coastal shipping and exchange requirements along the West Coast of North America. The Oregon Ballast Water Management Program was established by SB 895 during the 2001 legislative session to address the introduction of aquatic nuisance species when ballast water is discharged from ships. There are several levels of ballast water management as established by the National Invasive Species Act of 1996. However, the national program does not address the issues of interstate vessel voyages. Therefore, California, Washington and Oregon have establishedm or are considering, coastal ballast water management requirements in state laws. These requirements differ from state to state, making compliance with these laws difficult and confusing to vessel operators. This report is an analysis of the Oregon coastal exchange requirements and discussion of the feasibility of a unified West Coast ballast water exchange program.


Produced for the Oregon Ballast Water Task Force

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