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Invasive species, Aquatic ecology -- Research -- United States, Environmental monitoring -- Pacific Northwest


Eleven lakes and ponds within the Umpqua National Forest were surveyed for invasive aquatic macrophytes, snails, bivalves, and crayfish during the summer of 2011. Yellow floating heart (Nymphoides peltata), an invasive floating leaf macrophyte species, was detected in Willow Sump within the Little River drainage. European ear snails (Radix auricularia), an invasive species present in several Umpqua National Forest waterbodies, were detected in Beaver Pond within the Steamboat Creek drainage. One native crayfish species, the signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus), was observed in Crayfish Lake within the Brice Creek drainage. Diverse assemblages of native plant species were observed in the lakes and ponds. The UNF and the Oregon Department of Agriculture are exploring ways to eradicate the yellow floating heart infestation in Willow Sump.


Report to the USDA Umpqua National Forest for Agreement No. 08-CR-100061500-033

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