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Biological invasions -- Environmental aspects, Spartina, Introduced organisms -- Prevention, Introduced organisms -- Control -- Alaska


This Alaska Spartina Prevention and Response Plan reviews the known impacts, biology, and invasion history of Spartina on the west coast. It outlines strategies for prevention, early detection and efficient organization of rapid response efforts following the confirmation of an infestation. The goal of the plan is to prevent the establishment of any Spartina populations and to eradicate established infestations if detected within the State’s estuaries or coastal wetlands. Five objectives and strategies are described and 31 specific tasks are outlined to achieve this goal. These include: • Prevention of establishment through vector and source population control. • Plan coordination by establishing clear procedures, authorities, and responsibilities for action, and a framework for implementation of the Plan. • Monitoring to ensure early detection of small infestations that are most easily eradicated. • Education and outreach to ensure that the public understands the threat of Spartina to Alaska’s natural resources and to recruit citizen and agency personnel in surveillance. • Research to increase understanding of vectors of introduction, susceptible habitat, and management to enhance efficacy of prevention, detection, and control.


Prepared for: National Marine Fisheries Service Alaska Region Juneau, AK

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