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Harlot Editors

Readers, Thinkers, Friends, and Supporters,

Welcome to Harlot's second issue! We're delighted to present a new batch of rhetorical creations and criticisms, and to show you some new and improved features we've added to Harlot's ever-evolving space.

First, check out our feature articles, including a special section devoted to presidential rhetoric. The Harlot consortium has hand-selected these pieces for their insight, wit, relevance, and potential for sparking conversation. Speaking of which, you see that big "Add comment" at the bottom of the page? Or the one in the frame to the right? Use them! Go ahead. You know you want to.

Shiny New Options

Times, they are a-changin'. As you'll notice, the layout and site tools have been adapted to reflect Harlot's fun and interactive nature as well as to better serve you.

add this button on articles
add this button on blog
The "Add This" buttons at the top of every article page and the bottom of every blog post allow you to share your favorite pieces to a bunch of social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace, Technorati, Twitter, and email to keep your friends and followers up to date on what you're reading.
current wiki pages
generic criticism screenshot
New wiki pages have been created and are continually being revised by Harloteers like you. Check out the recent revisions and the addition of pages about various kinds of rhetorical criticism. Add what you know, change what you hate, or start a new page about anything rhetorical!
close up of cc option
closed captioning on youtube video

All featured videos in the second issue now have closed captions. To access this option just click on the "cc" icon at the bottom right of the video. This service also allows for subtitles, so if you want to contribute to Harlot, feel free to translate these videos into any language of your choosing and we'll add them.
bottom add comment
right add comment

Sigh. We tried to open comments for non-registered users — until a pack of friendly spammers swarmed! (Really, they were very polite and flattering, but we'd rather hear from you.) We're working on a way to allow comments without registration. But until we can block that damn spamming crowd, we ask that you register with the site to get in on the action. It's seriously easy — click here and take a minute to do it right now! Aliases are welcome, especially if they're creative. Or if you don't always want to be referred to as Betty Rubble (for instance), you can also comment anonymously. Bonus: registered users earn coolness points and are notified of new issues and updates.
front page of call for submissions

Third Time's a Charm

Now that you're in control of the second issue, we're already looking forward to the third. We're looking for pieces that analyze, perform, critique, and demonstrate persuasion of the everyday. Check out the comic call in the Announcement section or on our blog.

Create Your Own Call

Consider this a challenge. Harlot aims to publish pieces that fit your fancy. With that in mind, we want you, your friends, maybe even your dog to imagine new ways to promote and provoke. Tell us what you want the fourth issue to center on by leaving a comment or emailing us at harlot.osu[at]gmail[dot]com by June 3rd.

Get to It

That's enough out of us. Isn't it your turn? Get your hands dirty. Reflect, comment, and create. Play with purpose.