Harlot's House

From just a concept, Harlot has grown into a space with a character of its own, one that doesn't lie still but continues to move and change and take on the attributes of every new reader, every new creator, every new reviewer, and every new word, image, and sound. It's alive! And it's definitely making good on its reputation as the harlot of the arts. (It doesn't always obey us, either.) This is Harlot's house — we just play here.

In celebration of Harlot's first anniversary, we — Kate, Vera, Tim, Kelly, and Kaitlin — wanted to offer some reflections on our relationships with the project. Click on our names to catch a short glimpses of our thoughts, and chime in with your own in the comments below. Harlot is only as good as your participation, so join the conversation by adding comments on the pieces that provoke.

We hope you enjoy Issue 3! And while you're here, check out our call for Issue 4: Rhetoric at Work.

Team Harlot

charlottesville sign cut down to show harlot

"C'harlot'tesville" by Vironevaeh, flickr