Things Are Happening!

Harlot’s had a busy season since launching the new site design in April. Some highlights:


Kristin L. Arola’s piece in the Family Rhetoric issue, "Rhetoric, Christmas Cards, and Infertility: A Season of Silence," received Computers and Composition’s 2011 Michelle Kendrick Outstanding Digital Production/Scholarship Award. From that same very-special issue, "Things Dad," Sue Webb’s patchwork essay on fatherhood, stories, and cooking, was selected by Michigan State University’s College of Arts & Letters for the 2012 Varg-Sullivan Award for Best Published Article / Outstanding Achievement in the Letters.


We opened a Twitter account and have over 100 followers. Three of our Tweet goals:

  1. have @JeriLRyan RT a #dailycute
  2. Get @Nathan Fillion to @mention us
  3. Get Cynthia Selfe (@Selfe2), who is currently not following anybody on Twitter, to follow us.


Thanks to all who participated in our #DefineRhetoric challenge. We’re announcing the results here—be sure to check out the list of honorable mentions and weigh in on the winners. This was such fun, we plan to reprise the competition every year!


We're delighted to announce that we'll be having special guest shorters (our new and eloquent term for blahggers) who will be keeping us on top of Obama, Romney, and campaign rhetoric as we march closer to November 6th and its aftermath. Daniel F. Schafer hails from the green side of Washington state and earned his MA in English at Washington State University (located on the not-so-green side) in 2010. He currently works for the Seattle-based educational non-profit Facing the Future. Joy Futrell is a native of Bowling Green, Kentucky, where they make Corvettes and Fruit of the Looms, and her alma mater, Centre College, just hosted the Vice Presidential Debate. When it comes to politics, Joy only sides with William Gass, who rightly said, “If you want to be made a fool of, take sides, and then let the side take you.”


For our spring 2012 issue, Jonathan Stone (of University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign) and Steph Ceraso (of University of Pittsburgh) will be our special guest editors. They want to hear you boom, chat, hum, buzz, trill, and score about sonic rhetoric. Check out their call and get inspired.


Table of contents image credits

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For Kuechenmeister's "'I Had an Abortion'": "I Had an Abortion" from The Phoenix.

For Shiman's "Comedy as Feminist Rhetoric, Liz Lemon Style": "I Love Liz Lemon" by jtbrennan on Flickr.