10 and Counting...

For Pythagoras, the number 10 was revered, as it represented both unity and fresh beginnings. Within the number, he argued, one can find harmony and vitality, balance and birth. With our 10th issue, we at Harlot feel a lot of these forces. We are grateful for the Harlot community, which grows with each passing day, and we continue to seek balance in the field of rhetorical inquiry, promoting public-oriented scholarship on a range of topics. In this issue, for example, our contributors shed light onto myriad rhetorical worlds, including summer camp, academia, women’s comics, and children's toys. We hope that you'll find these pieces thought-provoking, perhaps to the degree you'll want to create your own and submit to Harlot!

Call for Submission: The Digital Activism Issue

For spring's special issue, guest editors Ben McCorkle and Jason Palmeri seek pieces that engage or critique rhetorics of digital activism. Check out their Call for Submission video and then start reflecting on the digital techniques and tools being used to take action against injustice and oppression. They're hungry for innovative design about innovative activism, so don't hesitate to get in touch: editors@harlotofthearts.org.

Growing the Community 

With over 300 followers on Twitter, our community is getting stronger and savvier about everyday rhetorics. #DefineRhetoric is in its second year, and we have a new crop of winners. Check them out, and start working on your entries for next year!  Also, we’re socially mediating ourselves again—this time, we’re using Pearltrees to bring Harlot into the classroom by designing quick curricula (readings and lesson suggestions for your classes). Right now, we have quick curricula on rhetoric and gender, rhetoric and social media, and creative rhetoric. Take a look and then get in touch to get involved!

Delivery Beyond the Rhetorical Canon 

We are thrilled to announce that one of our founding editors (and one of the loveliest humans we know), Kelly Bradbury, just had a Bradbaby! We wish their beautiful family the best and look forward to witnessing what will no doubt be some bad-ass and brilliant child-rearing. We recommend some Burkean bedtime reading or perhaps the Book of Bad Arguments—oh, and don't forget to register the Gmail address and domain name right away!

We at Harlot hope this 10th issue also finds you full of balance and beginnings!