Define Rhetoric Call for Submissions

Are you interested in pounds of prestige and a sweet trophy?  We sure hope so. All you have to do is help us add to the almost four million different definitions of rhetoric we’ve found. In more words, help us flavor the world with new perspectives on what rhetoric is/ isn’t/does/doesn’t do. Come up with THE BEST definition of rhetoric for 2014 and you’ll win a sweet trophy, a gift certificate to, and, well, between 10-20 pounds of prestige. 

To play:

1. You’ve gotta tweet. If you don’t have a Twitter account, ya gotta make one.

2. Tweet your brand new definition of rhetoric, your tweaked or remixed definition of rhetoric, one you’ve liked from a theorist, or even a visual or audio definition. You can play or define as many times as you'd like. We accept multimodality (i.e. words, visual images, audio, space).  Your definition can be multi-textual.

3. Put the hashtag #DefineRhetoric somewhere in your definition because we find the definitions using that hashtag.

4. Submit by September 15th 2014!

We encourage you to have fun and play with what rhetoric can mean. Be your own Plato, Aristotle, Aspasia. Be your own Burke, Richards, Perelman. Get your students to be their own Villanueva, Glenn, Lanham. And in the spirit of givin’ cred where cred is due, we ask you to try to cite your sources as best ya can when ya tweak or remix or quote a definition.

Here’s the definition that won last year:

Rhetoric: opening one's ears before opening one's mouth. @cdmandrews

And here’s the sweet trophy:

Define Rhetoric Trophy

See you on Twitter!