Harlot's Growing Community

With each issue, we continue to be inspired by and grateful for the increasing interest in this publishing experiment called Harlot. At 7 years and 12 issues in, we find ourselves publishing pieces that reveal the rhetorical forces at work in everything from zombies to trigger warnings, with a whole lot more in between. We encourage you to spend time with all six pieces in this issue, as we're confident you'll discover in each some significant insight into how persuasion is manifested, performed, and navigated in everyday contexts.

This spring we'll publish another collection of general brilliance. Then, in October 2015, we will release a special issue on Craft Rhetorics, guest edited by an all-star cast: Amber Buck, Megan Condis, Marliee Brooks-Gillies, Kristin Prins, and Martha Webber. You, your local brewers, and your knitting siblings should consider submitting, so check out the Call for Submissions and should you have questions, email us at editors@harlotofthearts.org.

Cheers and hearty congratulations to Andrew Vogel, whose article, "Recitative: The Persuasive Tenor of Jazz Culture in Langston Hughes, Billy Strayhorn, and John Coltrane," published last year's Sonic Rhetorics Issue, will appear in the upcoming The Best of the Independent Rhetoric & Composition Journals 2013, published by Parlor Press. This series showcases the innovative and transformative work now being published in independent journals—and we're so proud to be a part of it.

Finally, as Harlot grows, so too do the opportunities to get involved! Check out the following positions and then get in touch to become part of the team:

Assistant Manuscript Editors

This position involves working with Managing Editors as they guide submissions through the review process.

Assistant Web Editors

This position involves working with Production Editors as they guide accepted submissions through the publishing process.

Assistant Social Media Editors

This position involves working with Social Media and Technology Editors as they promote the project through various channels, including developing new outreach initiatives.

Assistant Technology Editors

This position involves assisting the Technology Editors with maintenance of existing tech tools and exploring new alternatives.


*If your brain is exploding by the inconsistency of this section in comparison to the previous sections, you're just the person we're looking for. (Please picture us trying to look at you as seductively as possible when you read that.)