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Readiness for school -- Oregon -- Salem, Kindergarten -- Oregon -- Salem, Kindergarten -- Parent participation, Early childhood education


The purpose of this document is to provide information and resources to schools, early childhood programs, and others who are seeking to improve school readiness, family engagement, and school success within a Prenatal-Grade 3 framework. While the information presented is not a comprehensive list of programs and strategies, the list reflects resources that have been identified as potentially useful within Oregon and/or strategies that have been used in Oregon to strengthen child and family outcomes. This document is one of three compilations of programs, activities, and resources. This document includes resources related to (1) Children’s Kindergarten Readiness and Transition to kindergarten. Two other compilations are available, including resources for improving (2) Children’s Kindergarten-Grade 3 Skills and outcomes; and (3) Improving Family Engagement and Support for children’s learning.


This is the High Impact P-3 Strategies (HIPS) For Oregon Communities Primary Goal: School Readiness/Kindergarten Transition document.

The HIPS K-3 Outcomes & Skills Brief, and HIPS Family Engagement & Support Brief are included here as supplemental files.

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K-3 Outcomes & Skills HIPS 4-22-16.pdf (692 kB)
HIPS K-3 Outcomes & Skills Brief

School Readiness-Kinder Transition HIPS 4-22-16.pdf (768 kB)
HIPS Family Engagement & Support Brief