Submissions from 2020


The Adolescent Peer System and Academic Engagement, Carrie Jeanne Furrer and Gwen Catherine Marchand

Qualitative Analysis of the Meals, Mindfulness, & Moving Forward (M3 ) Lifestyle Programme: Cultivating a 'Safe Space' to Start on a 'New Path' for Youth with Early Episode Psychosis, Andie Thompson, Angela Senders, Celeste L. Seibel, Craigan Usher, Alena Borgatti, Katheryn Bodden, Carlo Calabrese, Kirsten Hagen, Jason David, Dennis Bourdette, and Lynne Shinto

Submissions from 2019

Exploring a Model for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation in Early Childhood Home Visiting, Callie H. Lambarth and Beth L. Green

Submissions from 2015


It’s Not as Simple as it Sounds: Problems and Solutions in Accessing and Using Administrative Child Welfare Data for Evaluating the Impact of Early Childhood Interventions, Beth L. Green, Catherine Ayoub, Jessica Dym Bartlett, Carrie Jeanne Furrer, Adam Von Ende, Rachel Chazen-Cohen, Joanne Klevens, and Peggy Nygren

Submissions from 2014


The Effect of Early Head Start on Child Welfare System Involvement: A First Look at Longitudinal Child Maltreatment Outcomes, Beth L. Green, Catherine Ayoub, Jessica Dym Bartlett, Adam Von Ende, Carrie Jeanne Furrer, Rachel Chazen-Cohen, Claire Vallotton, and Joanne Klevens

Submissions from 2012


The power of protection: a population-based comparison of native and non-native youth suicide attempters, Juliette Mackin, Tamara Perkins, and Carrie Jeanne Furrer

Submissions from 2009


Building the Evidence Base for Family Drug Treatment Courts: Results From Recent Outcome Studies, Beth L. Green, Carrie Jeanne Furrer, Sonia D. Worsel, Scott W. M. Burrus, and Michael W. Finigan

Submissions from 2006


Family Treatment Drug Court Evaluation Final Phase I Study Report, Sonia D. Worsel, Carrie Jeanne Furrer, Beth L. Green, and Bill Rhodes