(Re)Storying School Experience and Transforming Teacher Education: Writing a New Narrative for LGBTQ Students.

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Teaching the Teacher: LGBTQ issues in Teacher Education

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Book Chapter

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This is a chapter citation; the chapter was published in Teaching the Teacher: LGBTQ issues in Teacher Education. The aim of this book is to support teacher educators as they engage in the work of preparing pre-service teacher to work with and work for LGBTQ youth through explicit discussions of gender and sexuality. Chapters for this book include personal anecdotes regarding shifts in author’s thinking about including LGBTQ as a part of teacher preparation; specific pedagogical practices employed by authors to present LGBTQ focused material as a part of their coursework; the resistance authors have faced from students, parents and administration and their responses.

Introduction: Teaching the Teachers: The Need for LGBTQ Inclusive Teacher Preparation, Cathy A. R. Brant & Lara Willox. I Have Come to a Greater Knowledge of God and His Plan: The Affordances of Queer Pedagogy to Prepare Religious Preservice Teachers to Serve LGBTQ Students, Roni Jo Draper. Sharing Practices to Help Teachers Provide Supportive and Safe Classrooms, Judith S. Kaufman and Pia Ferrante. Unlearning Heteronormativity: A Framework for Talking About LGBTQI Children in Teacher Education, Peggy Shannon-Baker. Crusading into the Unknown: Finding and Using LGBTQ Primary Sources in Teacher Preparation, Leia K. Cain and Bretton A. Varga. Queering Stories with Pre-Service Teachers, Kimberly Cosier. (Re)Storying School Experience and Transforming Teacher Education: Writing a New Narrative for LGBTQ Students, Kathy Carter, Amanda T. Sugimoto, Kathleen J. Stoehr, and Griff Carter. Shifting from Knowing What to Knowing How: Centering Queer Knowledges and Activist Teaching Narratives in English Education, Ryan Schey. Queer Theory and the Social Studies: Engaging with Histories, Communities, and Identities, Mark Helmsing. Independent Queer: LGBTQ Educators in Independent Schools Speak Out, Philip McAdoo.

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