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Medical personnel -- Empathy, Medical personnel -- Taiwan, Jefferson Scale of Physician Empathy -- Translation into Chinese


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Background: Empathy is an important concept and necessary skill for health care providers. Many studies have adopted the Jefferson Scale of Empathy - Health care Providers Version (JSE-HP) to collect data used to measure healthcare provider empathy. However, this scale has not been used to assess healthcare providers in Taiwan. Purpose: Study purposes were to: (a) translate the JSE-HP into Chinese, (b) examine validity and reliability of the translated scale, and (c) use the scale to measure empathyin a sample of Taiwan healthcare providers.

Methods: Researchers used a backward translation approach to translate the JSE-HP into Chinese in order to ensure translation accuracy. Researchers then administered the JSE-HP Chinese version to 660 nurses working at a hospital in southern Taiwan. The study analyzed face validity, construct validity, internal consistency, and split-half reliability. Results: The mean empathy score for participants was 110.66. Factor analysis with principal components analysis indicated the JSE-HP scale as composed of three primary components, which accounted for 52.4% of total variance. Item composition in each component was found to be consistent with the conceptual framework of empathy. Reliability estimates, including Cronbach's alpha and split-half correlation coefficients, were 0.90 and 0.93, respectively. Conclusion: This study suggests that the psychometric characteristics of the JSE-HP Chinese version make it valid for application in future research on Taiwanese health care provider empathy.


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