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Acceleration principle (Economics), Travel -- Decision making, Travel -- Forecasting, Urban transportation -- Planning


Researchers are using activity-based survey data to better understand the nature of the derived demand for travel. However, a strong theoretical construct for derived demand has yet to be developed. In order to understand the ramifications of considering travel as a derived demand, it is necessary to review some of the basic tenets of economics.

Some activities require travel (i.e. shopping or picking up children from daycare), while others are conducted entirely within the confines of the home. There is a set of activities that can be conducted either in or out of the home. A need to travel arises out of the choice to conduct one of these activities out of the home. This study uses a microeconomic framework to examine the decision to travel, using “new home economics” and related home production approaches.


Catalog Number DP98-4.

Submitted for Presentation at the 1999 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board.

A product of the Center for Urban Studies, College of Urban and Public Affairs, Portland State University.

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