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An apparatus and method for sensing tooth contact includes at least one, and more typically plural, vibration sensors which are coupled to the non-biting surfaces of teeth. These sensors produce output signals when the associated teeth contact one another during jaw closing, the output signals being processed to provide information concerning tooth contact. For example, information concerning the ?rst tooth which contacts may be determined, the sequence of contact by various teeth may be determined, as well as the time between contact of the various teeth. Other information concerning tooth contact may also be determined and dis played in a variety of forms. The device may be imple mented in circuit as well as in microprocessor forms. In addition, in combination with a jaw trajectory apparatus, the tooth contact information may be correlated with jaw tra jectory information to provide a more complete indication of the stability of a patient’s bite.


Patent Number: 5,730,151; Filed: June 27, 1996

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