Alternative Measurements and Processing for Extracting Seabed Information from Sea-surface Noise Correlations

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Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

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Underwater acoustics -- Mathematical models, Ocean bottom -- Acoustics, Beamforming, Bathymetry


In recent years, both theoretical and experimental results have shown that the noise generated at the sea-surface from wind and waves contains valuable information about the seabed. A verticalhydrophone array together with beamforming has been a particularly useful configuration for estimating seabed properties. By cross-correlating a vertically upward looking beam with a downward looking beam (the endfire directions), the bathymetry and seabed layering can be determined. However, there may be additional information about the seabed found by cross-correlating beams in directions away from vertical endfire. In this presentation, two new measurement and processing configurations will be considered: noise cross-correlation of beams from a vertical array in directions away from endfire and cross-correlation on a towed horizontal array. For the vertical array, data andmodeling show the existence of strong beam correlations coming from a direction consistent with the seabed critical angle. The towed horizontal array configuration, if possible, would provide an alternative to the vertical array for seabed surveying using noise. Measurements from data collected at several sites along with modeling will be used to explain the results from these new measurement and processing configurations.


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