Formal Modeling and Verification of the Safety Critical Fire-Fighting Control System

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Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), 2015 IEEE 39th Annual

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Machine theory, Emergency services, Fire extinction, Programmable controllers, Formal logic


A fire-fighting control system, which is usually implemented through programmable logic controllers, is a typical type of safety-critical cycle physical system. It has been widely used in currently complex industrial applications. So it is significant for a fire-fighting control system to conduct safety checking. There have been many methods to check safety of a fire-fighting control system so far, but they all ignore the effect of communication networks which are important for data transmission. In this paper, considering communication networks, we propose to model a fire-fighting control system with timed automata and describe system requirements with computation tree logic (CTL) formulas. A real dock fire fighting control system illustrates the method. And some safety properties are verified in the model checking tool Uppaal, and verified results show the effectiveness of the method.


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