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Pattern recognition systems, Sound -- Speed, Acoustic imaging


A recent publication by McCargar and Zurk [(2013). J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 133(4), EL320–EL325] introduced a modified Fourier transform-based method for passive source depth estimation using vertical line arrays deployed below the critical depth in the deep ocean. This method utilizes the depth-dependent modulation caused by the interference between the direct and surface-reflected acoustic arrivals, the observation of which is enhanced by propagation through the reliable acoustic path. However, neither the performance of this method nor its limits of applicability have yet been thoroughly investigated. This paper addresses both of these issues; the first by identifying and analyzing the factors that influence the resolution and ambiguity in the transform-based depth estimate; the second by introducing another, much simpler depth estimation method, which is used to determine the target trajectories required for observation of the interference pattern and the array requirements for accurate depth estimation.


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