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Frontiers in Robotics and AI

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Open source software, Computational grids (Computer systems), Chemical reactions -- Data processing, Chemical reactions -- Simulation methods, Electronic data processing -- Distributed processing


Chemical Reaction Networks (CRNs) are a formalism to describe the macroscopic behavior of chemical systems. We introduce COEL, a web- and cloud-based CRN simulation framework, which does not require a local installation, runs simulations on a large computational grid, provides reliable database storage, and offers a visually pleasing and intuitive user interface. We present an overview of the underlying software, the technologies, and the main architectural approaches employed. Some of COEL’s key features include ODE-based simulations of CRNs and multicompartment reaction networks with rich interaction options, a built-in plotting engine, automatic DNA-strand displacement transformation and visualization, SBML/Octave/Matlab export, and a built-in genetic-algorithm- based optimization toolbox for rate constants. COEL is an open-source project hosted on GitHub (doi:10.5281/zenodo.46544), which allows interested research groups to deploy it on their own sever. Regular users can simply use the web instance at no cost at The framework is ideally suited for a collaborative use in both research and education.


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Code available at: 10.5281/zenodo.46544



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