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International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks

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Embedded computer systems -- Design and construction, Synchronous data transmission systems, Real-time control


ime-triggered systems play an important role in industrial embedded systems. The time-triggered network is deployed on the time-triggered network-on-chip implementation. It ensures the safety-critical industrial communication for real-time embedded multiprocessor systems. To guarantee the safety-critical requirements for communication, each message is transmitted by a predefined static schedule. However, synthesizing a feasible schedule is a challenge because both spatial and temporal constraints should be considered. This article presents a novel memetic-based schedule synthesis algorithm to derive a feasible schedule by determining the offset of messages on the time-triggered network-on-chip. Memetic-based schedule synthesis algorithm is based on memetic algorithm, which incorporates local search in the iterations of general genetic algorithm. We compare memetic-based schedule synthesis algorithm with genetic algorithm in different scale of time-triggered network-on-chip and number of messages. The experimental results show that the memetic-based schedule synthesis algorithm is effective to synthesize a feasible schedule, and the failure schedule synthesized by memetic-based schedule synthesis algorithm is only 34.2% in average compared to the conventional genetic algorithm.


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