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Journal of Applied Mathematics

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Assertion Graphs, Computer algorithims


Generalized symbolic trajectory evaluation (GSTE) is a model checking approach and has successfully demonstrated its powerful capacity in formal verification of VLSI systems. GSTE is an extension of symbolic trajectory evaluation (STE) to the model checking of -regular properties. It is an alternative to classical model checking algorithms where properties are specified as finite-state automata. In GSTE, properties are specified as assertion graphs, which are labeled directed graphs where each edge is labeled with two labeling functions: antecedent and consequent. In this paper, we show the complement relation between GSTE assertion graphs and finite-state automata with the expressiveness of regular languages and -regular languages. We present an algorithm that transforms a GSTE assertion graph to a finite-state automaton and vice versa. By applying this algorithm, we transform the problem of GSTE assertion graphs implication to the problem of automata language containment. We demonstrate our approach with its application to verification of an FIFO circuit.


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