A Utility Game Driven Qos Optimization for Cloud Services

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IEEE Transactions on Services Computing

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Cloud services request lower cost compared to traditional software of self-purchased infrastructure due to the characteristics of on-demand resource provisioning and pay-as-you-go mode.In the cloud services market, service providers attempt to make more profits from their services,while users hope to choose low-cost services with high-quality.The conflict of interests between users and service providers is an important challenge for the booming cloud service market. This paper characterizes this application problem formally based on a utility game model of service providers and users. In the model, QoS is considered as the basis for determining the utilities of both parties.By analyzing the behaviors of users and service providers,we introduce the concept of reputation cost for the first time in the model and find a QoS solution that balances the utilities of users and service providers in service transactions.In such a balance, any change in either party's strategy will result in a loss of utility. And then a QoS optimization method is designed to obtain a near-optimal QoS solution for a tradeoff between user satisfaction and provider profit. Extensive simulation experiments are conducted to substantiate the effectiveness of our method.The results are applicable to win-win service applications between service providers and users.


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