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IEEE Transactions on Magnetics

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Eddy current, Electrodynamic wheel, Lift-to-drag ratio, Maglev -- Magnetic levitation, Stiffness


This paper re-examines the basis for each eddy current stiffness term computed from prior published steady-state eddy current models. The paper corrects prior analysis work by confirming, through the use of 2-D and 3-D dynamic finite element analysis modelling, that when a magnetic source is moving over an infinite-wide and infinite-long conductive sheet guideway the steady-state lateral and translational stiffness terms will be zero and only the vertical coupled stiffness terms need to be modelled. Using these observations, a much simplified 6 degrees-of-freedom (DoF) linearized eddy current dynamic force model can be used to compute the steady-state force changes in eddy current based maglev vehicles when operating over a wide uniform conductive track.


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