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Computer networks -- Security measures, Electric utilities -- Security measures, Smart power grids -- Communication systems -- Security measures, Distributed resources (Electric utilities)


This product specification describes the architecture, implementation, and hardware descriptions of a Distributed Control Module (DCM) prototype. A DCM is an enabling technology for distributed energy resources (DER). DERs are grid-enabled generation, storage, and load devices that are owned by utility customers. DCMs enable information exchange between a distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) and DERs for the purpose of networking large numbers of DERs. The DCM prototype described within this document enables DER participation in a service-oriented aggregation system. A DERMS server provides IEEE 2030.5 smart energy resource services to DCM clients using a request/response information exchange process. DCMs serve as gateways between the DERMS and the DERs, and they act as agents on behalf of the DER owners to provide intelligent management of the DERs.


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