Small. Low Power Salinity Sensors Based on Solid State Potentiometry for Ocean Applications

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OCEANS 2023 - MTS/IEEE U.S. Gulf Coast

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Solid state potentiometry measures ion concentration is explored for ocean sciences. A small, low cost and low power sensor to measure salinity is currently not available in ocean sciences, but could unlock large scale spatial and temporal characterization of oceanographic areas of interest, such as the Arctic or coastal environments. To date these types of sensors are typically calibrated before each measurement, and target low concentrations. The challenge for these oceanographic environments is that the relevant concentration is much higher than usual for these sensors, and that calibration cannot take place before each measurement as buoy deployment is necessary for long term data collection. We are developing a small, low power salinity sensor based on chloride ion measurement, targeted at 20 ppt to 40 ppt, at sensitivities of 0.1 ppt. Here, we present current characterization results with respect to chloride ion concentration, temperature, and drift, and discuss methods to reduce and potentially measure drift in-situ.



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