Submissions from 2021

U.S. Macro Policies and Global Economic Challenges, Joshua Aizenman and Hiro Ito

Experience and Learning with Improved Technologies: Evidence from Improved Biomass Cookstoves in Ethiopia, Randall Bluffstone, Abebe D. Beyene, Zenebe Gebreegziabher, Peter Martinsson, Alemu Mekonnen, and Michael Toman

The Impact of Earnings Gaps and Networks on Migration Decisions: an Empirical Study of Undocumented Mexican Migrants, Andre Rossi de Oliveira, Rossitza Wooster, and Michael Paruszkiewicz


Accurate Simulation of Both Sensitivity and Variability for Amazonian Photosynthesis: Is It Too Much to Ask?, Sarah M. Gallup, Ian T. Baker, John Luke Gallup, Natalia Restrepo-Coupe, Katherine D. Haynes, Nicholas M. Geyer, and A. Scott Denning

Is Energy the Golden Thread? A Systematic Review of the Impacts of Modern and Traditional Energy Use in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Marc Jeuland, T. Robert Fetter, Yating Li, Subhrendu K. Pattanayak, Faraz Usmani, Randall Bluffstone, Carlos Chavez, Hannah Girardeau, Sied Hassen, Pamela Jagger, and multiple additional authors

Impacts of Improved Biomass Cookstoves on Child and Adult Health: Experimental Evidence from Rural Ethiopia, Daniel LaFave, Abebe D. Beyene, Randall Bluffstone, Sahan T. M. Dissanayake, Zenebe Gebreegziabher, Alemu Mekonnen, and Michael Toman

Delineating Conservation Areas for Cohabiting Species: an Example of Vernal Pond Conservation from Fort Stewart in Georgia, United States, Yicheng Wang, Hayri Önal, and Sahan T. M. Dissanayake

Mediators of Discrimination in Primary Care Appointment Access, Janna Wisniewski, Brigham Walker, Sarah E. Tinkler, Miron Stano, and Rajiv Sharma

Submissions from 2020

Financial Spillovers and Macroprudential Policies, Joshua Aizenman, Menzie David Chinn, and Hiro Ito


The Political-Economy Trilemma, Joshua Aizenman and Hiro Ito

Information Sensitivity of Corporate Bonds: Evidence From the COVID-19 Crisis, Grace Arnold and Meredith E. Rhodes

Cooperative behavior and common pool resources: Experimental evidence from community forest user groups in Nepal, Randall Bluffstone, Astrid Dannenberg, Peter Martinsson, Prakash Jha, and Rajesh Bista


Do Farmers Manage weeds on Owned and Rented Land Differently? Evidence from U.S. Corn and Soybean Farms, George Frisvold, Joshua Albright, David Ervin, Micheal Owen, Jason Norsworthy, Katherine E. Dentzman, Terrance M. Hurley, Raymond A. Jussaume, Jeffrey Gunsolus, and Wesley Everman

Added-Variable Plots for Panel-Data Estimation, John Luke Gallup


More Effective Than we Thought: Central Bank Independence and Inflation in Developing Countries, Ana Caolina Garriga and Cesar M. Rodriguez

Economic Justice: Confronting Dilemmas, Robin Hahnel


Why is Dishonesty Difficult to Mitigate? the Interaction Between Descriptive Norm and Monetary Incentive, Arnab Mitra and Quazi Shahriar


Wage Differences Matter: An Experiment of Social Comparison and Effort Provision when Wages Increase or Decrease, Jose A. Rojas-Fallas and J. Forrest Williams


Optimizing Conservation Planning for Multiple Cohabiting Species, Yichen Wang, Qiaoling Fang, Sahan T.M. Dissanayake, and Hayri Önal

Submissions from 2019


A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Livelihood, Environmental and Health Benefits of a Large Scale, Christina K. Barstow, Randall Bluffstone, Kyle Silon, Karl Linden, and Evan Thomas

The Effect of Violent Crime on Sector-specific FDI in Latin America, Luisa Blanco, Isabel Ruiz, and Rossitza Wooster

Why Do People Volunteer? An Experimental Analysis of Preferences for Time Donations, Alexander Brown, Jonathan Meer, and J. Forrest Williams

Deception: The Role of Uncertain Consequences, Subhasish Dugar, Arnab Mitra, and Quazi Shahriar

Added-variable Plots with Confidence Intervals, John Luke Gallup

Grade Functions, John Luke Gallup