Submissions from 2019


A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Livelihood, Environmental and Health Benefits of a Large Scale, Christina K. Barstow, Randall Bluffstone, Kyle Silon, Karl Linden, and Evan Thomas

The Effect of Violent Crime on Sector-specific FDI in Latin America, Luisa Blanco, Isabel Ruiz, and Rossitza Wooster

Why Do People Volunteer? An Experimental Analysis of Preferences for Time Donations, Alexander Brown, Jonathan Meer, and J. Forrest Williams

Deception: The Role of Uncertain Consequences, Subhasish Dugar, Arnab Mitra, and Quazi Shahriar

Added-variable Plots with Confidence Intervals, John Luke Gallup

Grade Functions, John Luke Gallup

Original Institutional Economics and Political Anthropology: Reflections on the Nature of Coercive Power and Vested Interests in the Works of Thorstein Veblen and Pierre Clastres, Manuel Ramon Souza Luz and John B. Hall


Impact of a Local, Coastal Community Based Management Regime when Defining Marine Protected Areas: Empirical Results from a Study in Okinawa, Japan, Payal Shah, Sahan T.M. Dissanayake, Yoko Fujita, and Paulo A.L.D. Nunes

Hierarchically Spatial Autoregressive and Moving Average Error Model, Qianting Ye, Huajie Liang, Kuan-Pin Lin, and Zhihe Long

Consumption Discount Rates, Risk Aversion and Wealth in Low-Income Countries: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Rural Ethiopia, Mahmud Yesuf and Randall Bluffstone

Submissions from 2018

School Starting Age and Long-run Health in the United States, Grace Arnold and Briggs Depew


Does Collective Action Sequester Carbon? Evidence from the Nepal Community Forestry Program, Randall Bluffstone, Eswaran Somanathan, Prakash Jha, Harisharan Luintel, Rajesh Bista, Mike Toman, Naya Paudel, and Bhim Adhikari


Special Issue on Climate Change and Land Conservation and Restoration: Advances in Economics Methods and Policies for Adaptation and Mitigation, Sarah Cline and Sahan T.M. Dissanayake

Fuel Savings, Cooking Time and User Satisfaction with Improved Biomass Cookstoves: Evidence from Controlled Cooking Tests in Ethiopia, Zenebe Gebreegziabher, Abebe D. Beyene, Randall Bluffstone, Peter Martinsson, Alemu Mekonnen, and Michael A. Toman


A Key Currency View of Global Imbalance, Hiro Ito and Robert N. Mccauley

The Labor Share Squeeze in Latin America: A Dynamic Heterogeneous Approach, Ryan Joy, Cesar Rodriguez, and Inder J. Ruprah

Testing Tourism-led Growth Hypothesis in Laos?, Phouphet Kyophilavong, John Luke Gallup, Teerawat Charoenrat, and Kenji Nozaki

An Assessment of Collective Action Drivers of Carbon Storage in Nepalese Forest Commons, Harisharan Luintel, Randall A. Bluffstone, and Robert M. Scheller


The Effects of the Nepal Community Forestry Program on Biodiversity Conservation and Carbon Storage, Harisharan Luintel, Randall Bluffstone, and Robert M. Scheller


Shifted Baselines Reduce Willingness to Pay for Conservation, Loren McClenachan, Ryunosuke Matsuura, Payal Shah, and Sahan T.M. Dissanayake


Managing Herbicide Resistance: Listening to the Perspectives of Practitioners. Procedures for Conducting Listening Sessions and an Evaluation of the Process, Jill Schroeder, Michael Barrett, David R. Shaw, Amy Asmus, Harold Coble, David E. Ervin, and +


Managing Wicked Herbicide-Resistance: Lessons from the Field, Jill Schroeder, Michael Barrett, David R. Shaw, Amy Asmus, Harold Coble, David E. Ervin, and +

State Medicaid Fees and Access to Primary Care Physicians, Rajiv Sharma, Sarah Tinkler, Arnab Mitra, Sudeshna Pal, and Raven Susu-Mago

Access to US Primary Care Physicians for New Patients Concerned About Smoking or Weight, Sarah E. Tinkler, Rajiv L. Sharma, Raven R.H. Susu-Mago, Sudeshna Pal, and Miron Stano

Submissions from 2017


Balance Sheet Effects on Monetary and Financial Spillovers: The East Asian Crisis Plus 20, Joshua Aizenman, Menzie D. Chinn, and Hiro Ito